Mercedes Benz Used Engines

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Mercedes Benz Used Engines

What would you do when your ten-year-old Mercedes Benz begins to develop engine problems? There are four primary options:

  • Rebuilding the engine
  • Buy a replacement engine
  • Buy a new car
  • Trade it in

All these options are viable to get yourself back on the road. The determinant factor will mostly come down to money. Trading in your car will plummet your money by a long shot because the models will be out of the new market stocks. Buying a new vehicle will require just as much money while rebuilding the engine is a gamble. This guideline will give you detailed comparisons that will prove why buying Mercedes Benz used engines will be a better financial decision

Reasons to buy used engines over purchasing a new car


Buying a new car is more expensive than getting an engine replacement. Replacement engines from exclusive junkyard stores will serve you with the same efficiency you will get from the engine of a new car. You will also save money from excessive taxing, licensing fees, and insurance.

Environmentally friendly

Junking your entire car in a landmine will add to environmental pollution. You should keep the car and sell off the engine to a car mechanic or car junkyard.

Extended life

A mechanically sound car will work fine for the next several years if you replace the faulty engine.

Interval replacements

You can opt to replace your car engine every time after the pass of a particular duration. Typically, people will only replace an engine when it fails. You can choose to reduce the rate of maintenance and instead make replacements with Mercedes Benz used engines after every milestone reach.

Reasons to buy a used engine over rebuilding one

What is a rebuilt engine?

A rebuilt engine is one that has had extensive use for its lifespan until it became too faulty for simple repairs. The worn-out engine is then completely taken apart for its parts to be replaced or renewed with newer ones.

The critical detail is that a rebuilt engine is not a new engine, even when it has some newer feature within. You are bound to have the following problems with a rebuilt engine when you opt not to buy a fully functional Mercedes Benz used engines.

  • The new additions may not meet the required performance standards
  • The older parts will finally weaken at a different pace than the new additions, requiring you to spend extra money for a similar service.
  • Rebuilding an engine takes a decent amount of skill. You stand the risk of getting a poorly done engine for your car.
  • The rebuilding company may not have a warranty for their parts. Cor-Auto issues warranties for all sold pieces and has an extended warranty for engines with less than 75,000 milestones.

Cor-Auto is acutely aware of the allure of getting a new car or refurbished somewhat new parts. We have high-quality components that will be useful to you when you consider other aspects such as the cost involved.

Mercedes Benz Used Engines
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