Junk Yards San Fernando Valley

Junk Yards San Fernando Valley

There are many junk yards in the San Fernando Valley. However, few offer full service to tow and recycle your old car. Junk-vehicles.com will purchase your truck, car, or classic with towing included. There is no reason to risk paying out of pocket for a push, pull, or drag sale.

Why do junk yards buy cards?

Scrap yards are in the business of selling parts and components. Many people look for the components to keep their items in working condition. The same process applies to vehicles.

Once a car ends up in a junk yard, the business seeks to obtain the most value possible from their purchase. This may mean obtaining the valuable metal or it may even result in repairing and finding a new loving home for your former mode of transportation.

Scrap metal prices dictate the amount offered for cars deemed beyond repair. Clients receive up to $500 when dealers simply refuse a trade-in.

Dealers are constrained by lemon laws and do not sell vehicles for scrap. If your car will not start, is beyond a certain age, or has an unclean title or history, a junkyard is often the only option available. These companies simply refuse to take any responsibility for certain cars.

Laws seeking to protect consumers. This may create liability for you when selling online. If your vehicle causes harm, you could be responsible for a portion of the damage. There is no risk worth taking that involves human life.

In certain situations, the junkyard is the best option. We offer top value for any trade-in. With thirty-two years of experience, we can obtain the most from every purchase and are willing to pass this return on to the customer.

How can I sell my car to a junkyard?

Many scrap yards require that you bring your vehicle to them. This is costly with the price of towing falling on the customer. Junk-vehicles.com turns this concept on its head by offering free towing across Los Angeles. From Tarzana to Beverly Hills, we have you covered.

However, we are not a fence and require some information before we are able to conduct a transaction. This process takes as little as five minutes and sees many customers receiving cash in just over an hour. We cannot conduct business with anyone violating the law. No one deserves to have their property stolen.

It is still possible to sell your car without a title. This will affect your offer. However, it is possible to prove title later or, in worst case scenarios, sell parts and the metal. The burden of proof of ownership in California is on the buyer instead of the seller. As previously mentioned, we collect enough information to avoid liability.

Junkyards are a perfect option to obtain value from your beater. We take everything from five-year-old luxury vehicles to project cars that no longer work. We go a step beyond junk yards in the San Fernando Valley by towing your problem away at no cost.

Get in touch with us today. Profit awaits.


Junk Yards San Fernando Valley
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Junk Yards San Fernando Valley
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