Instrument Cluster Repair

Instrument Cluster Repair

A broken instrument cluster means you are missing critical information to keep you safe while driving, and the solution is never to ignore the problem and hope you can fix it by yourself because you will be risking your life.

Reasons You Must Always Have A Working Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster is significant because it shows important information like the oil pressure, speed, engine temperature, and RPM. It is possible that you can drive with a defective cluster. Still, you will increase your chances of getting a speeding ticket, failed inspections that incur penalties, and a range of expensive mechanical repairs that could cost you a pretty penny.

Can You Repair Or Replace The Cluster?

Many drivers are wary about any repairs on the cluster because they worry the odometer will reset to zero. Modern cars will not cause that kind of problem because the systems are digitized, and the computer keeps a historical record, which means a new dashboard will display the correct values even if you switch it out for a new screen. The bottom line is that replacing or repairing an instrument cluster is entirely legal, so do not fret about hiring us or buying a replacement part from Dashboard Instrument Cluster.

Should You DIY When The Instrument Cluster Is Not Working Correctly?

It is not always possible to do your repair or replacement service because of the intricate processes of inspecting the system. Most people will repeat the repair process repeatedly because they find that the instrument only works for a short while before it fails again.

Leave the problem to a professional who knows the proper steps to take and has advanced tools to find all kinds of issues with multiple tests. It may be easier if you can also remove the cluster from its socket with the help of a professional who will not cause more structural and electrical damage so that you can mail it to us for specialized assistance.

Sending The Instrument Cluster To Us For Repair Or Replacement Services

Sending the instrument to us is a logical and financially intelligent option because you do not have to risk driving and are saving yourself a lot of time and money you would have wasted in transit. We do more than fix a few bad wires and remove dirt and will suggest upgrading a few essential parts to make the entire system work better.

Our services are more affordable than what you would get from a dealer, which means you will enjoy getting more services and running a more efficient vehicle. Some other services you can get when you send in the cluster include:

  • Calibration of the speedometer
  • Speedometer and tachometer repair
  • Replacing the dash cluster, speedometer, and the circuit board
  • Repairing or replacing the odometer
  • Dash gauge repair
  • Fuel gauge repair

It is more important that we return the cluster to you after returning it to its factory settings and only employing little or no programming. Check out the store to shop for replacement parts and contact us to book a consultation on a car and truck instrument cluster repair service.

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Instrument Cluster Repair
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